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25 Dec 2016

Deep Sentiment Prediction as Web Service View Comments

I have been thinking for a long while to build a web service for sentiment analysis, the idea of which is tell the emotional positivity (negativity) given a piece of text. Despite of the potentially huge and interesting applications or use-cases, we will be focusing the sentiment analysis for tweets. Basically this article is telling what happened and how.

01 Feb 2016

Spark on time series preference data View Comments

To be more general here in the introduction, the situation is that we have a user-item preference matrix which is also evolving over time. Essentially, we have a collection of user-item preference matrices, one for each time point. The preference matrix can be, for example, user’s preference on a collection of books, popularity of movies among people, effectiveness of a set keywords on a collection of campaigns. The prediction task is really to forecast a user-item preference matrix of the next time point.

31 Jan 2016

GPU computation on Amazon EC2 View Comments

Running a deep learning algorithm properly is not a big deal. We discuss the setting that allows us to run a deep learning algorithm, in particular neural stype on Amazon GPU instances.

21 Jan 2016

2015年NIPS会议中酷炫的东西 - Neural Style View Comments


05 Jan 2016

Cool stuff in NIPS 2015 (symposium) - Neural Style View Comments

The deep learning algorithm, Neural style, is also known as neural art. Some similar algorithmic techniques have been seen in so called deep dream. It is a recent work in the filed of deep learning, and of course it’s super cool. The algorithm has been there for a few months already and I have noticed it for a while. Let’s take a close look at technology behind the scene.

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