Hongyu Su


Eventually this page will contain links to most of the research and non-research related programming I’ve done.


A trip planner organising everything for your holiday Github.
Personalised route recommendation system
Graph based recommendation system developed during Aalto Data Science Hackathon 2015 Github.

Other Codes

A web service that does sentiment analysis based on deep learning for Tweeter Github.
Transporter Protein Classification
A research project aims to prediction the classification of transporter proteins Github.
Online Fraud Detection
Facebook challenge of fraud detection in online bidding platform Github.
Conditional gradient optimization with convex combination of multiple update directions (L2RTA) in random spanning tree approximation algorithm Github.
Random spanning tree approximation (RTA) for structured output learning on complete output graph Github.
Structured output prediction of network response (SPIN) for social network analysis Github.
Multiple kernel learning for classifying small graph structured in molecular classification problem Github.
Template I used for writing my doctoral dissertation. The template included cover page, abstract page, copy right statement, as well as main part of so called article dissertation of Aalto University Github.